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About Thyme

Well hello, as you have gathered spice is my life, growing up I never had a sweet tooth and shopping around for an all rounded item was limiting, so I started creating condiments that were free from artificial additives and sweeteners.


This meant all my ingredients would have to be fresh, even those that are bumpy lumpy and on the unwanted side. I do not judge vegetables on their looks but more into the tastes and flavours.


I enjoy being in my zone to come up with dishes with a twist of tradition that has more than meets the eye.


I have since come up with tasty chilli chutney condiments and secret speciality sauces to allow you to make your own fuss free meals in minutes.


In line with my values are my team members whom entail the respect for the company and its vision.


I have many other ventures coming up and hope you will contribute to our development and growth. Thank you for loving us

It all started with a tomato.

Back in the days I looked at a plump, red juicy and ripe veg (fruit) seemingly bursting with flavours, a million and one ideas and thoughts rushed through my head. As far as I was aware it was the staple food item to make dishes slightly sweeter or slightly saucier or slightly sourer. Inspiring me to be the culinary inventor. Naturally, grasping the notion of creativity I started gathering spices and spoons to measure and master the essence of the humble tomato. Soon this turned into my go to treat for any feast, eventually becoming pure joy in a jar.




Naveed Kumar


"this stuff is addictive, cant get enough" 

Leton Clyne


"when and where can i get more?"




Helena Vilars

"this is a breakthrough pickle, honestly"

Jen Baker

"wow, this is wonderfully intense"

Mark Hare


"I had a delicious dinner last night, thank you"